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In a word, multicultural interventionist, women/girls health advocate, educator, CEO, social entrepreneur, change agent, author, professor, wife, mom, garden lover, Naturalista, proud thick girl, CSI fan, Mac Geek, Blerd, Veganish, Soca-loving, Brooklyn born and bred, Trini parents, God fearing, daughter of Claude and Mavis. Yep, that about sums it up.

Move it with Patti began in 2007, almost 10 years ago, Wow! Time flies! My sister actually helped me come up with the name. She saw me as a motivating presence in her life, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Back then, I was married with four girls, 3 of them triplets, all 4 under the age of 5! I had just come back from living in South Africa for almost 10 years! Working alongside women and families there, holding babies affected by HIV/AIDS, leading humanitarian projects and spiritually counseling women was my life.  

As I helped women and their families lead faithful, spiritual, full lives, I had no idea my own life was about to drastically change.  My marriage fell apart and I became a single mom overnight. It wasn't easy keeping 4 girls healthy and happy on my own, but somehow with the help of family, friends and most of all God, I did it. Learning how to take care of myself, #selfcare, sleeping, shopping wisely, reading food labels, cooking with my girls and praying was just about all I could really do. But it was enough, and we managed. 

Two years ago, I married my college sweetheart, him and his two girls are the perfect addition to my crazy, full, amazing life. I'm nearing the completion of my doctorate in urban health and the journey has just begun! Join me on this journey of keeping your body, mind and soul moving, no matter what. 

About me

 Today, I specialize in creating multicultural obesity prevention interventions for vulnerable populations. My programs include Roots-n-Riddims; a Caribbean and African certification workout which I created after my mom and aunties were diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure, Gospel Grooves; my low-impact faith based workout, Thick Girls Move; a walking and movement campaign to encourage women of all shapes and sizes to keep it moving, Purge it with Patti, a 28-day body reset eating program designed to rid the body of excess fat and restore digestive order and GLAMM (Girls Leading and Moving More) addressing the connection between hair and physical inactivity among urban African-American adolescent girls.  

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moving the body, mind and soul of girls with curls

Taking exercise classes and then, after much encouragement, teaching them to women and children gave me more reasons to get out of bed in the morning and helped me clear my mind mentally and emotionally. Like most single moms, my hobby became my career. Soon, I accumulated several health and fitness national certifications, was the proud owner of my own fitness studio with a staff of 12 and had a local television fitness show. Over 25 schools became clients of my childhood obesity curriculum and just like that, my non-profit organization, Move it Nation, Inc. was born.

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