GLAMM – Girls Leading and Moving More is a program of Move it Nation, Inc. a 501c3 non-profit organization specializing in school health and youth development nationally and internationally. 

GLAMM is a multi-cultural hair, health and wellness after school program designed for 9th-12th grade adolescent girls that uses health and wellness as a vehicle to influence leadership skills, positive self esteem, collaboration and problem solving skills, qualities all girls need to become incredible leaders of tomorrow.

GLAMM is a developmentally focused youth sport program (DYS), combining physical activity, cultural hair practices and essential life skills as an avenue for providing adolescent girls with opportunities for physical, emotional and social development.

Follow our growth in cultural hair awareness and health promotion. Get involved by supporting our workFor details, email Patti at: and join our growing list of schools.

moving the body, mind and soul of girls with curls



Girls Leading and Moving More!

 Hair and Health Curriculum for Girls

Available for schools and after school programs

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