• School Wellness Solutions specializing in programs for girls of color 
  • Staff Workshops/Professional Development: Self-care/Stress-Reduction for Educators
  • Nutrition workshops/healthy eating for parents (PTA, parenting groups)
  • Visit www.moveitnation.org for more information on school wellness programs

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  • Hair and Health Workshops for moms/girls
  • Stress-Free Self-Care Sundays for moms/girls
  • Nutrition Classes - Purge it with Patti
  • Speaking events: Hair, Health, Self-care for Single Moms, Church Women's Days

Join my growing list of satisfied clients, schools, churches and organizations who have used my team of associates and I to help them move their minds, bodies and souls. 

Contact: patti@moveitwithpatti.com

moving the body, mind and soul of girls with curls

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